Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pre-Game for Matt and Kim's Wedding

Matt and Kim's wedding was this weekend and it was just glorious. On the Friday night we spent a bunch of time doing setup in the reception hall and also doing a run-through of the service itself. I don't have photos of the wedding itself because there was a lot of pro photography going on and it was a busy day, but here are a few cool ones for now.

The wedding itself was super amazing. It was so great to see everyone and take photos will all of their extended family. Great times and ran into the Williams's who are so frickin' nice and awesome. My whole family was there too since we've known Matt for 20 years, and it was really great to share in such a memorable event with "numero" and the J-Clan ;) Matt's Mom's speech was really amazing and very touching. I caught the garter (!!!) and the tiny hilarious cutest flowergirl ever "caught" the bouquet (with a little help), so the 2 of us got to dance together afterwards which was super funny. At the end of the main dinner part, I thankfully brought some proper dancing shoes so we could bust a move out on the floor - and thankfully they played some fierce hip hop alongside some amazingly Ilderton-y line dancing country stuff so us "city kids" could kick it fierce too. :)

Matt is my oldest friend, and so obviously I was really excited for his wedding. It was really something special and I'm so happy and grateful that I could enjoy it and hang with all of my family there too. Awesome times.

At the reception hall

Matt looking slick

Playing with the lighting

Run-through at the church



Heev and Mrs. Heev looking serious

Good food


More food

Kim setting up the tables

Good times

Everyone on the move

Moving sodas

Getting some food after the setup


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