Sunday, July 10, 2005

After at least a year of searching, I found my T-shirt!

Well everyone tonight is awesome for many reasons, the weather is nice, California rocks, and so on, but here is yet another one.

I have been trying for at least a year to find this shirt. Yes yes I know I am insane, and it yes yes I know it is kinda ridiculous to really want a T-shirt this much, but how SWEET is this?!!!! :)

I had seen people wearing this shirt a long time ago, and since it is from designer Paul Frank it is very hard to get a shirt after the season it has been released for. So I kept a close eye on Ebay in case this came up but no luck. This shirt was also featured on the TV show "The O.C." which also makes it even more awesome, and even harder to get. Since everyone else wants this shirt too, if it ever came up on Ebay it would have been bought in an instant.

So after all this, I am playing around with Google's new shopping search tool called Froogle, and it comes up with a store in the US that sells Paul Frank stuff. I just click on the link to check out what they have and up comes this shirt "New - Paul Frank Now Start a Band shirt" yeeeeeeeeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited/impressed that, as you expect, bought it pretty much instantly (after a very brief, "should I really just buy it right now?" moment) and the story gets better... I signed up for the company's email list and got an extra $10 off my shirt. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I have always thought it is important to get excited about little things. And here's one of those little things that just made me a little bit happier tonight. :)

Probably the greatest T-shirt design ever created

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