Sunday, July 17, 2005

Stinson Beach on Saturday

On Saturday, we drove to Stinson Beach which is up North of San Francisco near Muir Woods in Marin County. It was absolutely beautiful there and a "great day away from it all" as it were. It was really amazing there. We has some lunch and played Frisbee on the beach for a long time. After a while we were brave enough to go swimming even though it was freezing.

We figure that we pretty much need to go to the beach much more often than we have been... it rocked.

Parkside Snack Bar where we had lunch. They were playing "Summertime" by Sublime... perfect.

Lunch in Stinson Beach

Beach house, that I want to buy

Beach houses on Stinson Beach

Jake, Eric and Eric's friend

A cool dog we found

Another cool/wet dog

Pretty ocean shot

Lots of fog on the mountains

A surfer

Eric in the sand

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