Sunday, July 17, 2005

AIDS Walk San Francisco

Today was the AIDS Walk in San Francisco! It was amazing to be a part of this huge event. I joined the Pixar team of 129 people and walked 10km in support of AIDS Research.

A whole bunch of the other interns came on the walk as well and it was a really amazing experience. In all Pixar raised $26,144.00 for AIDS Research! Awesome. It was a great walk and very well organized. There were a lot of people out there walking and supporting this worthwhile cause.

On the way to the walk, nice and early

Jake and Matt at breakfast getting ready for the walk

Lots of people

Me and Salim before the walk

Early morning stretching before the walk

Afonso with his scarf as a blindfold

More people

Alex hangin' out

Me, Brynn and Jake

Sweet Pixar shirts we got for the walk

Matt and Salim on the walk

Walking walking walking!!

Probably the best picture ever taken

Strutting on the AIDS Walk

Matt and the crowd

Me on the AIDS Walk

More walking

Jared, Jake and I on the walk

The finish line

My free lunch

Afonso at the end of the walk

Some of the Pixar crew

Me after the walk

A nice house on the way to the coffee shop

My new friends

At the coffee shop

Coffee place we went to after the walk

A cat walking around that was either a Manx cat, or didn't have a tail. Really cute cat!

A sweeeeeet tree

The Coffee place we went to

More nice houses in San Francisco

Cool spray paint on the sidewalk in San Francisco

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