Saturday, July 09, 2005

Posters and desk decorations

Here are some pics of my crazy desk area and all the cool posters on the wall of my office. I'm sorry I can't show you more of where I work but most things are confidential. Here are a few pics of just the posters on my wall and some of the cool Pixar stuff I've collected and bought so far. It's nice to be able to setup my office like this, it sure gives it a homely feeling! It's always a good time as you can see from all the cool stuff in my office. :)

Pixar Luxo ball keychain with pictures on my wall

One of the birds from "For the Birds" that I bought

My super awesome Pixar scooter that Freesia and Brandon painted for me

Awesome logo

Freesia and Brandon also put a Canadian flag theme on it as well!

My office wall, great Incredibles poster

More pics and posters

More pics on the wall

More posters in my office

Awesome Macro pic of The Incredibles action figures that I collected

Syndrome character that I collected

Hehe, a talking Edna Mode doll that I bought, Edna answers your questions and asks you questions about the clothes you are wearing etc. It's awesome.

Luxo ball keychain, awesome!

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