Saturday, July 23, 2005

Pixar Motorama 5

Pixar's annual Motorama was yesterday and it was really cool. Lots of employees brought in their cars and there were some loaned cars there too. There was a huge BBQ for all the employees and their families. It was a really fun day and the weather was beautiful, the sun was nice and bright and hot, and the BBQ was super awesome. I even got to sit in a Ferrari and a really fancy Porsche... hehe man that was sweet.

Pixar Motorama 5 poster

Sweet Porsche that looks like a Ferrari

Lots of beautiful chrome bumpers

An old Edsel in awesome condition

Incredibles Toyota Prius

Hybrid car

Me and Jake standing outside of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile

The art car, this was pretty intense!!

Closeup of the art car

Art car's crazy interior

The back of the art car, it looks like an alien!!

Wicked Shelby

Front of the Shelby

Nice old Chevy

Edsel logo

Salim having lunch

Porsche from the front

Porsche engine

Me and Jake in the $400,000 Porsche!!

Lots of fun times

Cars lined up outside of Pixar

Root Beer Floats, RBF's what up!!!

Mini cars

Super-shiny Bugatti grill

Ferrari Logo

Another shot of the Porsche

Guido and his little baby

Guido and his baby with Ferrari gear on

Guido and John Lasseter

Another great pic of Guido, his little baby and John Lasseter

Sweeeeeet Ferrari

Me in the sweet Ferrari

Bling bling Chevy

Mini exhibit

Lots of amazing cars

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