Sunday, July 03, 2005

Long weekend!

Well it's a long weekend here which is very nice. I haven't had enough time in the evenings to do my laundry and send emails and update this blog enough so it's nice to get a long weekend to take care of all of this stuff!

Last night we went to Berkeley for a while and looked at some stuff in Used CD stores. I bought a copy of Matrix 2 DVD for $4 so that was a sweet deal! There was some cool stuff around Berkeley but we only stayed for a few hours because lots of stores closed early.

I did tons of laundry today and also went out for breakfast/lunch with Jared and Matt and one of the new interns. We went to the EmeryBay Cafe and it was pretty nice, the food was alright and the eggs were good, hehe but I knocked over a cup of water and we had to get napkins to clean it up. :)

Later on I picked up a pie so that we had a birthday cake of sorts cause it was Jared's birthday today and we all wanted to wish him Happy Birthday.

Tonight we went to In N' Out burger again, yeeeahhh!!!!!!!! It was sweet. Matt and Jared got back from their running around in the City and we had some pie and watched TV. Good times!

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