Monday, July 04, 2005

Cheesecake Factory

Tonight was so awesome. We went to San Francisco on the BART in the evening and headed to Macy's department store, in fact to the roof of the Macy's department store! On the top floor, there is a "Cheesecake Factory" restaurant and it was soooooo good! I got a burger and we all had fancy drinks too. Since the restaurant is really famous for it's cheesecake, we got some awesome dessert as well! It was a really fun time and it was sweet to hang out with some of my great new Pixar friends.

Taylor on the way to San Francisco

Haha candid photo of Taylor

Alex and Kevin in the elevator

San Francisco Union Square from the balcony at the Cheesecake Factory

Large buildings

Cool statue in the middle of Union Square

People walking around

Macy's sign in the window, hehe sweet, it looks like it is a sign for "The O.C."

Me and Kevin on the balcony

The Macy's "S" and an American flag

Sweet free bread

Me with my drink

My drink, sweet.

Kevin with a fry in his mouth!

Alex's huge slice of cake!

Kevin's cheesecake

Taylor's cheesecake

Mmm... my Dutch Apple Caramel Strudel Cheesecake!

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