Thursday, September 15, 2005

Waterloo Black and Gold Day

Here are a few more pics from Waterloo's Black and Gold Day. (Black and Gold are our school colours.) This was the last day of Frosh Week and it was awesome, got lots of food (Pizza again, sweet) and face painting etc. Then lots of people went to the football game and Waterloo won! In the evening we had the Toga party which was amazing as usual. Good times.

Hangin' out at Black and Gold Day

Mmm... McDonald's Orange Drink

Waterloo face painting

Gotta love the Waterloo "W" painted on everyone...

Word up

Dana and I lookin' sharp

Waterloo... whhhatt upppp!!

Morgan in his Top Gun pose

Great pic of me with David Schwimmer, I mean, Joel

Rachel, Sarah and Ashley

Sumeet and I looking like a force to be reckoned with

Mark looking both confused and as if he is about to hop over this handrail

VOC crew

Cute pic of Me and Dana

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D said...

Hey! I remember you from the V1 caf back in your 1B days. I was working for CECS and ate dinner with you and a friend of yours many times. Just stumbled upon your website. Thought I'd say hi!