Thursday, October 30, 2008

Barack Obama's "closing argument" campaign ad

Tonight, Barack Obama put a 30 minute campaign ad on the air highlighting his plans for America, and also focusing on the specific stories of families all over the country.

It's a great video, lots of personal stories, and worth a watch. Obama in inspiring as always, and only 6 more days until election day - November 4th.

I am Canadian, and so I cannot vote in the USA. But thank goodness for the right to free speech and freedom of the press - such freedoms that allow me to post my opinion for the world to see, to read, to argue with, to agree with...

My hope is that I can reach a few people, and help spread the excitement and idea of Barack Obama as President... a solid leader, and a force of inspiration and change. This election may be the most important of our entire lives. Please, PLEASE VOTE on NOVEMBER 4th.

Make sure you understand the policies of both Candidates, and make an informed decision.

Go here: to get your local voting information.

Since you're on my blog, hopefully you're interested in my opinion. ;) Which is... I believe that Barack Obama is the best choice for this country.

Barack Obama's campaign ad from tonight

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