Sunday, October 19, 2008

Red Bull Soap Box Derby, Modern Dance, Mission and More

Yesterday was nuts!!!!!!!! I did about a hundred-thousand-bazillion things, it was absolutely freakin' glorious. Suuuuuuch a busy day, but man it was fun.

I headed right to the Mission district in the late morning and it took for-ev-errr to get there. A few busses came by the stop and they were packed... to the MAX! Clearly everyone else in San Francisco was also taking the #22 Filmore to Delores Park. :) Anyhoo, I eventually crammed onto the 3rd bus to come by our stop, and got to know a whole bunch of strangers a lot more than expected thanks to our forced awkward proximity. Thankfully everyone was nice and no one smelled like feet (or computer scientists).

At the park I was trying to meet Paul, Shelley, Josh and others but got stuck on the wrong side of the race... which turned out to be glorious 'cause I ran into Becca and her homeys. Good times, and the race was cool, lots of crazy contraptions that people had put together, and pretty much all of San Francisco was there. :) See pictures below.

After that I ticked a few things off the "things I want to do in the Mission 'cause I never go there" list, including hittin' up Tartine - a bad-ass French pastry place. I got this flat apple thing which tasted something like the fruits of human kindness mixed with the promise of world peace. (i.e., it was freakin' good). The rest of the food that everyone else got was also painfully marvelous.

Then went off to meet Josh and Shelley via "Bi-Rite Creamery" (another tick off the list), where I got a "trifecta" of awesome ice cream flavours, check this out:
  1. Honey Lavender
  2. Roasted Banana
  3. Cookies and Creme
I think the phone number for the place was 1-800-glorious, if you know what I'm sayiiin'.

Then wandered around for a while, ran into Sheyla and Meryl from SF State Hillel and they helped me with my Halloween costume purchasing. Got some sick sunglasses and a robe to complete my Big Lebowski costume, should be all good.

After that off to Shelley and Josh's place, and they were awesome as always and it was great to catch up. They gave me a bottle of their new "home-brewed" beer, and showed me how they made it (pretty awesome!!)

Whew, yes the day still had more activities. Then off for food, then Josh and Shelley came with me to Dance Mission, where Becca was in a Modern Dance show with some of her friends. It was SO awesome. Lots of different kinds of dance styles there, from modern, to ballet-y, and some (sweet) sick hip-hip flava too. Good times!! Becca's part of the show was fiendishly good and they had some cool one-handed handstand hip/hoppy things, which I loved cause it was kinda breakdancey and supremely awesome.

After the show I took off to Ryan Darcey's birthday party at his apt on Haight St, great to see lots of peeps from work there, and a good rounding out to the most insane and busily fun weekend day for a while (well, at least since last weekend) ;) It makes me feel good that I am making the most of living in this city. Rock ooooonnnn.

Anyhow after getting home at like 3am and scarfing a whole bunch of Pad Thai before going to bed, I slept in like crazy today and did pretty much absolutely nothing. Met up with Jacob and Kat and went to the North Bay for some random shopping and to play with the new MacBooks, otherwise not much. I checked out the Lonely Planet Japan and Lonely Planet Korea books at Barnes & Noble, they look pretty amazing and I gotta get those as I get closer to planning my trip.

Awesome weekend!! And now for some pics/videos.

Red Bull Soap Box Race

At the races

Crazy people on the rooftops

Haha, Rubix's Cube

These guys crashed and had to carry their cart

Tons of people, and a Star Wars Deathstar ship-shapped Soap Box (on the video screen)

Glorious food from Tartine

Andy, Becca and I about to own some of the Tartine pastries

Ha ha. I am amused by simple things.

Rockin' it at Ryan's party

"And again, but this time with more gangsta"


Me and Ryan, being fierce

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