Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Marc Ecko Star Wars Collection - Round #2

This stuff is totally sick.

Remember back in January when I couldn't help myself and just straight-up bought the glorious Marc Ecko Cut and Sew Star Wars "Hoth Parka" Hoodie? (See:

Well, they're back with more. And there are some pretty crazy new shirts. I think I'm gonna get that Yoda angel wing shirt, that's pretty intense. There is a new edition of the famed Boba Fett Hoodie, and a crazy Storm Trooper full-zip hoodie. A buddy of mine at work has this, and you can zip the hood all the way to the top, it's pretty hilarious/awesome.

If you're like me and are on the edge as to whether or not you can cough up the extra bills for this, then this coupon might help. One of the guys from sent me this promo code, and I'm happy to pass it along, I think it expires on Sunday... This stuff is pretty intense, and definitely the sickest Star Wars-meets-streetwear clothes I've ever seen.

Promo code

Storm Trooper shirt

Siiiiiiick storm trooper full-zip hoodie

This is pretty cool too

LOVE IT. I am gonna try to track this one down. It's not on the site, but it looks like Macy's has it.

Boba Fett Hoodie, Version #2

Other shirts

This one is cool too, I love the colour combos

Closeup of the hood/mask

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