Monday, October 13, 2008

Blue Angels Fleet Week Party at Sarah's house

It was a busy week, lots of stuff going on at work and also Yom Kippur right in the middle of the week. Yaaaaron and Elise came up for the big meal before the fast and that was fun. We did the usual full chicken and more, challah, hummus, grapes, juice, and more and more. It was, dare I say, glorious.

Yesterday I went to Sarah's on Treasure Island for some glorious partying and Blue Angles airplane show watching, which was fun. Lots of good music and some crazy DJing going on, as well as plenty of food. I also learned how to make chocolate chip/butterscotch chip cookies, it was a lot easier than I thought. We made about 8 batches throughout the afternoon and everyone loved us due to our culinary skills (who doesn't love someone who brings you freshly baked warm cookies?!)

Anyway, great times, and some crazy photos.

Yaron and Elise up at my apartment last week

Cool butterfly

And the party begins

Blue Angles airplane show over the Bay

Me and Gats

Another classic moment


The fly suuuper vertical...

...and then zoom back down towards the Bay!! It's nuts.

Another one of me and Gats


And, glorious sunset

Ridiculous view of the city... every night?!?!?!? Amazing.

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