Saturday, October 11, 2008

iPhone Tech Talks, Canadian Dollar

Some pretty cool stuff happening in the Apple world lately. The iPhone tech talk world tour starts in a week and a half, and MAN it sounds awesome.

Unfortunately the San Francisco date is first and they apparently sold out in a matter of minutes. But I've applied for a ticket, and I'm on a waiting list now. If there is another date soon, hopefully I'll get a ticket for that event. It sounds totally awesome.

In other news, the Canadian Dollar has been dropping like a sack of bricks. This is probably in part due to the quick decline of the price of oil, amongst other things. I am pretty surprised that it's moved so much compared to the US Dollar, but I read a few articles about why that is the case. If it stays low for a while, this is great news for my trip back to Canada as I will be able to buy more with my US Dollars in Canada than usual. Sweet.

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