Monday, October 13, 2008

San Francisco restaurant-y goodness

Matt Lausch just sent me a link to David Lebovitz's restaurant reviews... amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like David is a pastry chef, originally trained at a legendary restaurant in Berkeley, California and is originally from the Bay Area. Like anyone who loves food a LOT, he moved to Paris and has been there for several years. But I guess he has this really awesome blog when he goes traveling and he knows the Bay Area well so it's cool to see the spots he made sure to go to while in San Francisco. I've defffffffinitely learned of a few places that I need to try!!
The reviews are awesome, and he has a whole lot of photos to go along with the descriptions.

I like how he talked about the Ferry Building Farmer's Market. But I was surprised that he chose to go to Taylor's - I've been there a few times and it's just sort of a standard hamburger place, nothing particularly special, and in the midst of all the fantastic and fresh food at the Farmer's Market stands, I was surprised that he picked Taylor's. I think maybe he just likes burgers a lot?! :) Actually, if you read on you can see he didn't give it a a great review.

It was cool to see he went to Tartine Bakery and Bi-Rite Ice Cream, those are 2 places around 18th St and Guerrero in the Mission that I've really been meaning to go to eventually. So I should check those out. Also in the mission is Dynamo Donuts, and that sounded pretty interesting and tasty too!!

I don't get to Hayes Valley all that often, but Matt Parrott told me about Citizen Cake a few times, and it would be fun to try that out. I've been to their tiny tea place on the top level of the Virgin Megastore at Market St and 3rd St (called Citizen Cupcake, great name) and I bet the restaurant would be fun.

Probably the coolest sounding restaurant was Joe's Cable Car Restaurant. It's way in the middle of an area I've absolutely never been to, on the edge of the Outer Mission, and having no car in the city makes it a little tough to get there. I plotted the route from my place, and it's between 3 and 5 bus rides to get there. :) The easiest method seems to be to take a BART train directly from downtown and get off at Glen Park. So it sounds like a good activity to do when I am downtown anyway and want to go exploring... then it's just a simple 20 minute BART train ride to get there. Or, next time I rent a car maybe I should go get a tasty burger over there!! It looks soooooooooo good.

There are some funny quotes from the owner (Joe) on the website here. Also pretty cool is that Guy Fieri, from the Food Network Channel show "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" is on the website too, so he must have featured it on one of the shows. Amazing!!

Anyway, lots of exciting food-related stuff and reading all of this and seeing all the great photos has made me really hungry. :) Exciting stuff, and now I have a few interesting spots to visit next time I'm looking for something cool to do.

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