Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ILM Halloween 2008

This weekend was the ILM/Lucasfilm Halloween 2008 party and it was amazing!! Great food, glorious costumes like last year, and just generally awesome times.

Becca, Andy, Dan, Vicky and I rocked some sweet Big Lebowski style and it was classic. Sarah came as a raccoon and Frank came dressed... as ME. (This is the 2nd time a Texan has dressed up as Mike Jutan for Halloween, if you rewind back to Pixar Halloween 2006 and Brooks's now-famous "#1 Intern" costume) :) The funniest part was Frank's Jutan-style super curly hair wig and that he had an Obama shirt on... and that he didn't know that Jake also dressed up as me 2 years ago. :) Haha, anyhoo I am flattered beyond belief. Also, apparently people from Texas are the coolest.

So that was hilarious, and it was just an absolutely amazing time. After the party we trekked randomly through the somewhat dodgy-looking-yet-safe streets of Soma to a party with a bunch of the Animation peeps. It was great, amazing view on their roof patio and everyone was legendary. Ran into Gabe-rielle there, who went dressed as Starbuck from Battlestar Gallactica (based on a "you look exactly like her" recommendation from Frank and I), haha loved it.

The fun continued: more random BART run-ins with people who loved the Big Lebowski, weird looks on the subway, and some overtly cheesy quesidillas washed down with some Jarritos "Mandarine" (gotta love that Yellow #5 food colouring)... and it was time to call it a night. A night... of AWESOME. I don't think it would have been humanly possible to have more fun. Great people, great times, and... just couldn't have been better. :)

Anyway enough yappin'. Here are some photos.

Me as "The Dude", Joe as Forrest Gump

"The Nihilist", "The Dude", "The Jesus"

"Hey... Lebowski... we vant ze money, Lebowski!"

Chris as Linguini

The Lebowski group photo!!! Amazing. Bowler Girl, Walter, The Dude, Jesus, Nihilist

Me as The Dude, and Frank as Me :)

AMAZING!!!!!!!! The Rocketeer!!

Julien as a painter!

John and Helen - aka Ozzy and his nurse

Jutan and "Jutan"

Hahahahaha - Frank trying to talk to Jess under her really large hat

Frank as Me, complete with the shorts and man-purse

Me with Sarah and Erika

Cool decorations


Hahaha Ozzy goin' nuts

This Wall-E costume ROCKED

These guys were called the "Liquidators of Cuteness" or something, I think a Care Bear came face to face with the business end of that random crossbow...

Talking about dangerous costumes, it's JVDZ!

On the way to the party, we found a McLaren Mercedes that was hotttttt.

Erika's wand looked like the spinny part of a kitchen mixer, I was hoping it was going to be used for making cookie dough or something...

Hahahahaha. Beautiful.

Glorious view from the rooftop

Little bit 'o chillin', little bit 'o illin'

Haha this is hilarious, Becca looks like Ali G

The "Emo Jutan" face of the night

Haha, this was supposed to be our concept movie poster for some nerdy spy film we made up on the spot

Haha Gabe as Starbuck - amazing

J.Rowe, and Becca trying to fly

Viva Pinata

Time for some darn quesidillas

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