Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Birthday Party

I rushed off to Denver right after my birthday party last week and didn't have a chance to blog the photos yet. Here we go!

Great b-day presents from my family - a portion of my fancy new TV stand and Lasseter Family Winery Rose wine from Mom and Dad, awesome sand/ocean/sky candles with sand and shells from Norm!!! Super awesome.

Out for lunch with my work peeps

Fun times!!

Justin and Rachel at dinner

Miriam giving me a birthday hug

Excited for BBQ!

Woo!! Excited for dinner with Megan and Will

Opening cards and presents

Mmm... Texas BBQ Brisket and Corn on the Cob!!

Matt Lausch called when my hands were covered in BBQ sauce, this is me trying to hold my phone open and not get BBQ sauce on it :)

Pecan Pie - free dessert from the AWESOME people at the BBQ place!

Lots of awesome friends made it for dinner



"Cabernet" and "Cat-Ballet"

Brian, Steve and Matt doing some magic tricks with a dollar bill

Out at the bar, playing a "Deer Hunter" video game - I played the "Canada" level!!


Yes, they had Skeeball, a la Chuck E Cheeses!!


They had some insane stuff on the menu

Brian and Steve looking sharp

Gatsin' it!!!!

Now, it is time for dancing

Haha, bustin' a move

Haha I love this one

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