Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Photo class entry - "The Decisive Moment"

For Photo Class this week, we had to take a photo of "The Decisive Moment" - trying to capture something not staged and "in the moment". I caught the perfect shot in Denver this weekend, and it has a super hilarious story to go with it...

Hilarious story about this one: So, I was getting my settings right and taking a few shots of Union Station in downtown Denver. Then as I am taking a shot, I see one bus come by and another one coming the other way! "Sweet!" I say, as I get ready to take the shot (actually it came out pretty well - but I'm submitting another one). I thought I was being oh-so cool and ironic by taking a photo of 2 buses with a train station behind sadly emblazoned with a "Travel By Train!" tagline.

About 1 minute later, I'm getting ready to take another bus-in-front-of-train-station photo, and I hear a "coming in front of you" from stage left. Thinking nothing of it (and presuming it was a jogger), I say "No worries" and slowly look up... and it's a guy on an absurdly large 1800's frickin' pennyfarthing biking by?!?!?! What the?!??!?! I snap 2 photos as quick as I can, and the 2nd one (this one) he ends up right in the 1/3rd. I chose that position to take photos of Union Station because I liked all the repeating shapes and the angle, the blue sky and matching orange lettering... but the biggest surprise was the really old-school bike. I snapped the photos and then burst out laughing. As I walked away... I was thinking to myself... "wow... I sure didn't see THAT coming... talk about a decisive moment!"

I think it's so absurdly weird and hilarious that he biked by JUST as I was taking my photo and aiming for some random, unexpected moment like this. This was such a lucky moment, I wasn't even going to walk that way through downtown! A few minutes before I was waiting for a bus to go the other way, and decided to wander more and take a couple photos from the front of the building... and look where it took me!

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The re-awakening of an Athlete said...

I stumbled across your blog and saw the almost same picture I used for my blog. Union Station with my bike in front - not random though - and at a closer magnification.

I wanted a picture of a Landmark with my bike to show Denver off.

Anyway, thought to comment.