Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Denver arrival

As a birthday present to myself I decided to hop on a plane and take off to somewhere new and exciting, somewhere I had never been before, and somewhere where I could experience some cool stuff, go adventuring or hiking in some sweet nature-y goodness, and get some chillout time too. Denver was the perfect option, and I was really excited to arrive.

I got in at 12:30 at night in Denver on Friday night, and had a SWEET room at the Warwick Hotel in downtown Denver! I got this in Priceline... great price, and... 4 STARS?!?!? Man. So crazy!!


Awesome view of Denver from the BALCONY at my hotel room!!!

Now THIS was classy. They had a BIRTHDAY CARD waiting for me?!?!!! And...

...2 slices of "Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding" with "Rum caramel sauce"!!!!! What an awesome hotel!

Super excited and taking photos of everything in the hotel. :) Yes, it also had a bathroom!

Late night dessert menu. I think mine was the Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding (and it was SO GOOD)!!!!!!

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