Friday, June 12, 2009

New Facebook direct site, busy week

Facebook is handing out usernames tonight, so managed to score the necessary one:

Man what a busy week. Life is great. Things are really busy at work but man it is totally freakin' amazing. Haven't blogged in a week!

Just graduated from Joel's photo class at work, which is sad (cause they rocked) but good (cause I feel like I've learned a lot)! I'll post some photos from the lighting lab we had during the last class... got a couple good ones in there I think.

Otherwise, all is good. Gonna spend some time chillin' this weekend, I need it. I had a very busy couple of weeks and I could really use some classic ferry building time. :)

Also this weekend I'm gonna spend some time finishing up the GTD book and then getting some HUGE amounts of todo stuff planned out, prioritized and added to my iPhone App which will get me on track for taking care of a bazillion things around the apartment.

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