Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Which DMB song are you" results

This was funny, I did a "Which DMB song are you" quiz on Facebook and the answer is pretty true-to-life, crazy!! I got "Ants Marching" which is funny, the description is a little too close for comfort :) (and I hope I don't "miss out on EVERYTHING that life outside of work has to offer"?!?!)

Funny though, I was on the fence about a few answers so I tried again and I got #41, that result is kinda close too, minus a few parts (and the introverted part, hehe)... anyway, very interesting!!

Ants Marching
You're a go-getter, a work-a-holic and you're dedicated to your work in life! You put 100% towards everything you take on. You're goal-oriented, success driven and motivated. You have little time for relationships since you're out there making a difference and getting yourself noticed in the professional world. Because of your life style, you take your chances, and put them away till' a quieter time. You miss out on everything that life outside work as to offer.

You have been heartbroken before by friends, significant others, and other people you care about. All you ever want out of life is for people to be loyal to you and see you for who you are. You love to stay, play and love with all of your soul. You're a dreamer, and a wisher, and an introvert. You'll go in one way, and find your own way out with time. You're strong, determined, but easily hurt.

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