Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Through the rain, past the Elk, over the rockies, and back to Denver

We then continued through the rain for some glorious photos... (only some are captioned)

People watching Elk at lunch

Clouds pouring over the mountains

This guy was running around a LOT!!

Haha I love this one

Layers of snow "like rings in a tree", each layer indicates a different snowfall

Just amazing

More layered snow

Haha this guy was funny

Just in case you need an "Antler Chandelier" :)

Houses on the way back to Denver were AMAZING

I'll take it!

Red Rocks?! Do you hear some Dave Matthews Band in the distance?!

Invesco Field - where Barack Obama accepted the Democratic Party Nomination for President on Aug 28, 2008

Union Station at night, back in Denver

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