Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Continuing up into the clouds...

The trip continued up into the clouds... and we watched the weather change from sun -> clouds -> thunder -> lightning -> rain -> hail -> sleet -> snow -> clouds -> sun -> clouds -> sunset :)

This place was BEAUTIFUL.

Look at this tiny squirrel!

A tiny duck swam by, just for my photo

Me and Aman, a fellow member of our bus tour group, visiting from India

Awesome lodges that you can stay in, right near Estes Park

This ROCKS. This is the hotel where Stephen King wrote "The Shining", and some of it was filmed there!!

Rapids in Estes Park


A "mountain blue jay"?!

Here comes the rain

Thunder and lightning, at exactly 12 Noon! As a store clerk said, "You can set your darn watch by it!"

We're goin' up the mountain!

"Raiinnnnnn on my heaaaaad"

More looming clouds



More Elk/Moosey guys


Glorious views

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