Monday, April 28, 2008

Bike Ride with Moishe House

Maaan today was siiick. Fun and late night last night, and the awesomeness continued this morning. Headed over to Moishe House at about 11:30 this morning to meet up with everyone there. Good times! We met up there, packed some lunch, and biked through the Panhandle and then into Golden Gate Park. I didn't realize but it looks like Golden Gate Park closes the roads to cars on Sundays, so it makes it totally ideal for bike riding. Amazing!!

We headed down to the cool windmill and had a huge picnic lunch there. It was fantastic!! Awesome times, and awesome people. It was a gorgeous day too, and the weather was so good it was insane!!

After lunch we headed to the beach for a bit, got some sun and then I headed home and had a 4 hr nap all afternoon. Orion was in town chillin' with Matt and friends so he came over this evening and we chilled and talked about a whole bunch of important stuff. Good times. What an awesome day!!

At Moishe House!!

A bit of mid-afternoon swing dancing in Golden Gate Park, anyone?!

Me, Aliza and Mark in Golden Gate Park

Sweet windmill

Parking our bikes


Looking slick in our biking gear!!

Awesome group photo

Haha, Aliza excited about lunch


Mark at the beach and the upside-down bikes

The beach and the bikes

Good times!!

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