Monday, April 28, 2008

Sushi and Felonious Show at Elbo Room

Saturday night, I met up with Joelle Faulkner, all the way from London, Ontario!! Super crazy, turns out she is at Stanford now for Law and her and a bunch of her friends were in the city!! Totally awesome times, and I met Joelle's friends including KyungRim who is visiting from Korea and who graciously recommended such an amazing Sushi place to us!!

Since it was still Passover, I didn't eat the rice but managed to get by no problem ordering just Sashimi. So yes, it was just raw fish for dinner. :) It was very fresh!! Good times!

After this Julien and I headed to the Elbo Room for an awesome hip hop concert by Felonious. Dan Wolf, the organizer for the JCC Hub group is one of the rappers in Felonious and it was sooooooo good! It was a great time, we really enjoyed it, and ran into lots of friends there. Hannah came which was awesome, and then we ran into Ben from LucasArts and totally psyched that Liz and Marielle made it out too! Good times, and lots of great music and nice people. We had a ball and I got back at like 4am. Just enough time to get enough sleep to get up at 11 this morning and zoom over to Moishe House for a bike ride... which ROCKED. More details in the next post.

I also learned how to say not only "Arigato", but more importantly, "Arigato Gozaimas"!!

Sushi time!!!!

One of the opener bands, also awesome

This girl was suuuch a good singer

Julien and Hannah, hip hop style

Me, Ben and Liz

Me, Ben, Liz and Marielle

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