Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Muir Woods and Mt. Tam with Alex

After hiking at Tennessee Beach, Alex and I took off to Muir Woods. It proved to be a fantastic day for hiking there too, it was really hot but the shade from the trees cooled it down a bit, basically it was just plain glorious.

The view from Mt. Tam was awesome (sorry again, Matt), and although we lacked the moody mood of fog blanketing the drive up Mt. Tam (that Matt got to see instead of the view), we did still get some fog on the way home! :) After Muir Woods and Mt. Tam we headed to Toys R Us so I could meet my Disney/Pixar Cars toys collection needs, and we did actually find one that I didn't have yet. Nice. Then off to a mall in Corte Madera just to take a break from driving, and we ran into old of my old friends from Pixar. Then back over the bridge, and down Lombard St ("The crookedest street in the world"), then parked in Chinatown and I got a custard bun. Then off to House of Nan King for dinner. Busy day!

In the evening we went back to my apartment, backed up all the photos and Alex got packed for his early morning departure.

Amazing greenery in the forest

Me at the Muir Woods gate

Mt Tam

Me on top of Mt. Tam

Sweet view of the ocean


Loved the hills too


Another cool pic of the mountains

Alex and the hills


What a view!!!!!!

Some more mountains


And... some trees

Word up

The fog rolling in as we drove back over the Golden Gate Bridge

Whooooa Fog!!

Alex at House of Nan King for dinner

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