Thursday, April 24, 2008

It would seem that now I'm an Adult

Ok so technically I've been an Adult since I turned Bar-Mitzvah age wayyy back in my awkward days as a 13-year old Canadian with a thin upper-lip mustache living in Oxford, England.

But really maybe it's more like the day you START SAVING FOR RETIREMENT?!!!!!!!!

Haha, it's funny eh?! Well anyway as of about an hour ago, I have now started saving for my (eventual) retirement!! Lucasfilm has a great plan, and so I've just signed up and now I'm on my way. Seems like I need to do a lot of reading about which plan is better than others and so on, but this is obviously a super long-term investment so you can do well to be riskier in the earlier years of saving, and more conservative in the later years of saving.

Anyway this is all pretty neat stuff. Most of my buddies at home, Matt and Alex and others have been saving money in their RRSPs for quite some time already, that's amazing. Now that I've got my first full-time job after graduating, it was time to start my investing too. Pretty cool stuff!!

Well anyhow got it rollin' now! Exciting times.

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