Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cool Wired article, Simpsons Season 6, Travel Plans

Lots of stuff going on lately. I've just got a subscription to Wired Magazine, which is really pretty sweet. I was kinda surprised by how much of the magazine is advertising... I guess I forgot how much advertising there really is in magazines. Kinda crazy, but I guess that's why my YEAR SUBSCRIPTION on Amazon was only $5?!?!?!? Amazing!

Anyhow that's all pretty cool stuff. Last night I bought Simpsons Season 6, and pretty psyched to get that in the mail soon!! And I pre-ordered The Art of Wall-E a while back, so that should be coming soon too.

What else, hmm... well I am trying to re-start my Virgin Mobile phone because Metro PCS doesn't work outside of major cities and it's good to have this other phone for guests too.

Anyway good times, lots of stuff going on, but it's allll goooooood.

Barack Obama was on The Daily Show tonight and it was hilarious, and he is awesome. I hope he does well tomorrow in the Pennsylvania Primary.

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