Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Facebook photo importing, Dave Matthews poster

Today was sweeeeet at work, and man things have been busy lately.

I know that I should really be asleep at 2:55am if I'm so busy at work, but oh well. I've been busy tonight updating my Facebook Photo Albums. I figured it would be cool to share all the photos I blogged (all 1,700 of them) from Europe last Spring. A lot of my friends of Facebook won't have the interested to go back in my blog and read about Europe, so it's kinda nice to post the photos there too. Good stuff.

2 cool Dave Matthews Band related things. Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds played a free concert yesterday in Indiana yesterday for students called "Change Rocks", a concert in support of Barack Obama!! MAN that is cool. I wish I could have gone to that!!!

Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds - Change Rocks poster

Also, today I had lunch with Matt "Gatobet" Parrott and his nice and thoughtful girlfriend Miriam. She had friends who were moving and she bought this AMAZING 5-picture super-artsy Dave Matthews Band art poster for me from them. I love it. And it was really nice. I gotta write her a thank you email now.

Anyway it's late, so off to bed. Another busy day at work again tomorrow!! Good times but man stuff has been extremely busy lately. My buddy Alex is coming to visit from Canada this weekend, so that is gonna rock. We've got some good plans to chill, get some good food, and do some hiking!!

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