Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hiking at Tennessee Beach with Kol Shofar group

Sunday was totally awesssooome!! Alex and I got up insanely early again, had some breakfast, made some lunch and checked the weather report. The internet weather page claimed it was going to be 27 on Saturday and 25 on Sunday (still not sure what that means for you Fahrenheit kids out there, hehe), and it seriously said in the weather report that we should expect "Abundant Sunshine" :) Sounds like a glorious start to the day, n'est pas?

After the abundant sunshine report, we took off in the rental car over the Golden Gate Bridge (good times). Then we headed to Tennessee Beach where we met some of the people from the Kol Shofar group, Kendra and Scott who I met before (and are super awesome) and Adam who I didn't know and yes, was also awesome. We hiked down to the beach, chatted a bunch, and chilled out on the beach with some good food and good talk. It was a really super nice hike, fantastic weather, and it was really fun to meet everyone more in-depth and get to meet people on a deeper level than the usual "meet a bazillion people and talk to them each for 2 seconds" kind of events... fun times!!

It was also good that the hike wasn't insanely long 'cause Alex and I took off afterwards for more hiking at Muir Woods right afterwards. :) See the next post for sweet Muir Woods-y goodness.

Start of the hike

Off we go!!

Word up

Alex taking photos

Group photo!!

And another one

Sweet cliffs

Waves crashing near the shore

Me and Kendra at lunch

Adam and Scott at lunch

Two people on top of the cliff

Trying to get a candid photo of Kendra, but she noticed :)

Chillin' at lunch

Walk back


A deer we saw on the way

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