Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Downtown with Alex, Sivanny, Berkeley, Steak, San Rafael

On Saturday, Alex and I did a bazillion things. We woke up super early and took off to Ocean Beach to check out the waves and watch people surf and take some cool photos. Then we headed up along the windy roads of the Presidio and then I showed Alex the outside of my building at work. Then we went downtown and met Sivanny at the Ferry Building!! This was super awesome, and it was great to see her and catch up. She is working at Autodesk San Francisco now and it sounds like she loves it!

We chilled at the Ferry Building for a while and then took off along the Piers for a walk all the way up to Ghirardelli Square, and then back to the Ferry Building. We were out for 5 hours and it was 27 degrees!! Awesome day but then we put some major sunblock on.

Then off to Berkeley where we went to the North Face store and Target. Then we met Kevin at Outback Steakhouse in Pinole and got a steak and chatted about 3D Animation Studio pipelines. :)

Then off to San Rafael to hang out with Frank and Jess at their house!! That was awesome, and super nice to hang out with them since I had a car. Fantastic. It was a great day and we made good use out of the car!

Me bustin' a move

Someone surfing

Cool photo of Alex in my sunglasses

Me at the beach



Scenery near Baker Beach

Alex at the Yoda Fountain!!


Ghirardelli Square

More surfing

Alex at the beach


Alex and I at the beach


More waves

Cool photo of bird

Alex and I at the Presisio

Alex, Sivanny and I ordering coffee

Workin' it

Good times

More glorious posed photos

Alex and Sivanny chatting about somework stuff


Another cool bird pic

Sweeeeeeet Ferrari

Alex at Target

Alex and Kev at Outback Steakhouse

Visiting Frank and Jess

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