Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Animals at the Ferry Building

Norm and I went to the Ferry Building again this week and saw lots of crazy stuff.

Protesters in downtown San Francisco

Some stopping to watch the protesters in downtown San Francisco

This was an interesting moment for a photo. We were eating some chicken and finished most of it, and put it into the garbage can. Minutes later, a homeless man dug around in the same garbage can, and pulled out the chicken to eat whatever we didn't eat. He hungrily ate the leftovers while resting against the garbage can. A few minutes after that, seagulls were interested in what he didn't eat. You can see the seagulls grabbing the chicken, and the homeless man off in the distance. Strange moment, and the kind you can only catch if you've got a camera ready...

Ferry Building

Seagull 1

Seagull 2

Seagull and the Bay Bridge

Seagull 4

Seagull 5 - not sure how I lit this photo?!?! Looks cool. Would be cool to make the bird even brighter, though... and leave the rest of the photo dark.

Seagull 6

New Blue Bottle store

Some guys doing Parkour

An inquisitive dog

Cuuuute cat at the SPCA booth


This guy was so funny!!

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