Monday, April 20, 2009

Beach Day with Alex

Today was GLORIOUS. It was 24 degrees, really sunny, nice warm breeze and just a fantastic day to go to the beach. My buddy Alex drove up from Cupertino and we hit up the beach for several hours, just wandering and chillin', it was great. At one point we walked all the way to the opposite side of Golden Gate Park and went to Java Beach to go get an Italian Soda. Good stuff!

After this adventure we went to IKEA and I got everything I needed to get, except for the new rugs. It was great. I got my TV stand (awesome) and my bookshelf (awesome) and my new bedside table (awesome)!!!! So lots of necessary stuff and this will really get my apartment a LOT closer to being finally fully sorted out and "moved in" :)

Alex at the beach

Alex posing

Java Beach coffee shop

Lots of people chillin', someone playing guitar

Tons of people driving to the beach

It was really busy today

Sweet bedside table I got

Haha this is funny, a bedside table "orb"/lamp

New bookshelf I got

My awesome new TV cabinet!!

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Lex Martin said...

That lamp is pretty funny!