Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dave Matthews Band - Groogrux Preview

"OOMMMMMMGGGGGGG", seriooooussssssssssly.
This album looks AMAZING. I am literally counting down the seconds 'till I get to listed to only this album all day for like a MONTH. This albmum is gonna be life-changing!

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Jordan Hall said...

The album is fantastic!
I was able to listen to an advanced copy and it rocks.

Time Bomb is especially good and I don't think I have ever heard Dave like that before.

Also Squirm is pretty cool. It has a nice mellow feel with a light chorus that reminds me of something like Let You Down from the Crash album.

Hope you like it. I think its their best album since Lillywhite Sessions or ("Busted Stuff") depending on which version you prefer.

Before These Crowded Streets, Crash and Under The Table are by far their best work. I think they were able to take a little something from each album and mash it together to produce one bad ass album.
Guess we'll see with their fan base.