Saturday, April 04, 2009

Farmer's Market

This morning Norm and I went out to the Ferry Building Farmer's Market and it was absolutely glorious (par usuale)!! The weather was gorgeous, about 18 degrees and really sunny.

I took the Canon 5D and took about 100 photos, some of them were pretty bad, but I am (very slowly) learning what aperture and shutter speed mean and how they affect the photo. Also turns out my ISO setting was wrong for 1/2 the morning. ;)

Still learning, so please bear with my shots. Any comments or advice etc would be greatly appreciated - I've got a lot to learn, but man this is gonna be fun!!

Random dog, random dog, RANDOM DOG!!

Good one of Norm and the city behind her

I sense a new Facebook/Resume photo is coming, eh Norm?!!!! ;)

Citrus stand

A guy carefully lining up bottles of olive oil (this one is underexposed... I took it too fast!!)

Sweet flowers

Apple Cider

Tomato farmers

Palm trees on the Embarcardero

Hipster chick at the Blue Bottle stand

My favourite coffee place!

Oh Blue Bottle Coffee, I love you

People ordering food

Different kinds of olive oil

Statue of Ghandhi (today was the first day I've ever seen this - although I walk by it all the time... they say you notice more details when you're taking photos all the time)

Walking downtown

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