Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bowling at Yerba Buena

Great day today downtown, took lots of SLR photos and the weather was glorious. Met up with Megan, Will, Kari and Sean for some bowling at Yerba Buena Gardens. I had no idea how awesome that place is, it's super chill, nice quiet area for tea and stuff there, great gardens, nice waterfall and stuff... it's awesome over there! Took the opportunity to take lots of SLR photos and get more practice.

Very orange street car

A girl looking at arts & crafts for sale

Jewish Contemporary Museum #1

Jewish Contemporary Museum #2

Amazing quote on the wall of a Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial fountain

Fountain Picture #1

Fountain Picture #2

Fountain Picture #3

Fountain Picture #4

Nice looking place for tea

Haha, a lone tractor driving down Mission St?

The "Zeum" children's science museum store looked awesome

Megan and Will

Hahaha nice one

Sean after totally annihilating the bowling pins

The easter bunny keeping an eye on our bowling scores

Kari happy with her roll

Megan going for it

Apparantely I have some sweet signature bowling style?!

And then we went to a playground and tok turns going down the slide. It was awesome.

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