Saturday, April 11, 2009

Green Day stuff

Man lots of crazy Green Day news lately. They have a new album coming out in May and it's also a "Rock Opera" ( "American Idiot") and I'm pretty frickin' excited for it based on how amazingly powerhouse American Idiot was.

Something else kinda nuts is American Idiot has been adapted into a theatre production (this actually makes a lot of sense) and it's premiering at Berkeley Rep in September. Sounds awesome! Article here about it.

Something else crazy is that Green Day had an impromptu show for only 500 PEOPLE at the DNA Lounge in SF last week, they announced it 6 hours before and it sold out almost instantly. Maaaaaan that would have been awesome. Article about that here.

Anyway looks like Green Day has some cool stuff happening soon and there is possibly another concert in Oakland next week (I'm gonna look into the details). Cool stuff.

Not sure how long this will last on YouTube, but definitely worth a listen if it's still up. This roooocks.

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