Saturday, June 11, 2016

London 2015 Day 11: On my own

London 2015 Day 11: On my own

I am staying in London for a bit longer to help train some folks at the office here and Michal had to head home, so we had a sad farewell at the airport. It was sad to say bye, but we sent nice texts from the subway. :) The Heathrow Express train from Paddington is excellent. It was so fast.

On the way back I was going to just subway to Borough Market and spend some time at The Whisky Exchange, but then I found out that they were both closed! Fail! So instead I went to Green Park and figured maybe I'd wander Buckingham Palace? Nope, ended up at Piccadilly Circus instead (also cool!) I seemed to be pretty close to Fortnum and Mason, so I checked it out in detail. It was so amazing. My first impression of the floor of China and Silver-polished tea stuff... was... WOW.

They had amazing tea cups and tea pots, of course. Also a super cute tea area upstairs, and some restaurants. A very cool spot. Particularly awesome was their food options -- the Tea selection was huge... I might need to get some! The Jam also looks legendary, Pink Grapefruit Marmelade! Nice. The Marzipan fruit was really beautifully done, and I figured Mom and Norm would go nuts if they were there!

So that rocked pretty hard. After a wander there, I went by Piccadilly, saw some cool shops, a Paperchase, and a fun lookign Fish & Chips spot called The Dining Plaice (ha!) that was recommended. Unfortunately it was closed, and I was getting a bit hungry. Time for a break. I went to get a Flat White at a coffee shop called, yep, "flat white". It was tasty and very hipstery.

heh heh.

Did I mention this area is super hipstery?

fun coffee shop.

hey look, it's Framestore!
I got pretty hungry after all the walking around and stopped for Fish & Chips. The girl there recommended the Haddock ("tastier")... and it was HUGE. It was great to get some proper fish and chips and I was off to a good start on my first solo day in London.

The early evening involved some grocery shopping at M&S, and getting some staples. Dinner at home with some emails and general sort-outs to get my head in the game. I chatted with Mom and Dad, and then also Spring, and then even quickly with Heev! That was great. First day at the office helping out tomorrow, so that should be a whole lot of fun.

Not skipping a beat, M&S already had a limited edition biscuit tin to celebrate the new Princess!
groceries and staples from M&S!
Dinner "at home" tonight :)

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