Sunday, June 19, 2016

London 2015 Day 26: Finally bought the jacket

London 2015 Day 26: Finally bought the jacket

Fun Itsu sushi today for lunch, I've seen tons of those shops so it was cool to finally try it. Pretty darn good for ready-made sushi.

A very British snack.
Walking tonight I went by Zara #1 and #2 (again, Oxford St has like 5 Zaras on it). It was much better service tonight, given that it was not so late at night and also not the weekend.

Last night I had realized that when Michal was in London with me and we went to Zara and quickly tried on what I figured was a "random" jacket combo... turns out that was absolutely THE sport jacket combo I was going to buy. Michal said, of course, "just buy it. you're just gonna come back here a thousand times to re-try it on and then you're gonna buy it anyway." The lesson here is, "listen to your girl, especially when you're a software engineer and it comes to fashion choices".

Thankfully I had enough sense (or, more likely, Michal told me to do this) to take photos of the labels in case. And yep, it looks great. I now had a good reason to get some new clothes as the Batkid Promo stuff was heating up and I'd have some media engagements upon returning to the US. And probably needed something that wasn't a Star Wars t-shirt or a hoodie for those :)

I then proceeded to send Michal the usual set of silly changeroom selfies and she gave me advice over Facetime or texts which combo to buy. Success!

I had to walk by Zara #3 to get the jacket in my size, but oh man what a win. This was great, the shirt, the tye, and the jacket. The suit pants that went with the jacket weren't as nice, and it was a fun combo (so Michal told me) with the jeans anyhow, so here we go!

The store people in Zara #3 were helpful too and it was great. Fun to try on all this stuff and also to finally catch Michal on Facetime to verify all the choices.

Back home via McDonald's to get a Galaxy McFlurry... bad I know, but had to try it. Shouldn't have too many of those if I want to still fit in my new suit :) I journaled tonight and caught up on a few things. Only a week left here! As I journal, I realize that the weekends have been PACKED. So maybe no biking again this weekend -- too schleppy. Maybe I'll just hang around London, chill, go to Tate Modern, that sort of thing and maybe try not to be out ALL day. I want to prep and pack to go, but also relax and enjoy and still do all the London things I still want to do. Gotta find a good balance so the weekends are not (quite!) as exhausting.

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