Sunday, June 19, 2016

London 2015 Day 28: Fish & Chips at The Victoria

London 2015 Day 28: Fish & Chips at The Victoria

Waking up this morning to see the Batkid Begins trailer having hit 1 million views OVERNIGHT was insane!!!!! Whhaaa! Someone spotted the poster at the Metreon back in SF! Everyone was tweeting the trailer: DBD, HuffPost, ABC, Parenting... truly surreal and amazing and crazy and awesome. I hope lots of people see the movie and are inspired to do more in their communities after they see all the fun we all had.

An exciting day, made even better by the Batkid epicness. Lunch was at a great pizza spot called Vapiano, with some Method Studio peeps. The Pizza was excellent. Lawrence took us to a famed coffee spot after lunch, "There are really only 1 or 2 choices" of things to buy there... like any super-legit coffee spot :) So that was cool. We wandered in Forbidden Planet as well, a wicked comic book shop. I got a Batman Penguin Oyster card holder, as you do :)

For dinner I went back to The Victoria Pub and was sitting on my own in "my" booth (same place I managed to score all the times I went there). But it was quite a busy night in there, and a British couple came up to me and asked "Can we join you?" Of course! And so I met the awesome Jean and Roger.

I was mid-journal catchup, but nothing beats meeting epic locals and chatting, so I was overjoyed that they asked to share the booth with me. Jean was very sweet and Roger was absolutely hilarious with the classic British wit and dry humour. There were a bunch of music students there, clearly just from some sort of band rehearsal, with huge cases clearly containing large string instruments (bass, cellos, etc). Roger thought it was quite funny that they weren't getting dinner and just having drinks only. "Drinks only? Oh... music students... nothing ever changes." haha. I grinned hard as it was quite funny to equate the party-animal life with this young group of (clearly) classical music/choral students. haha. They totally didn't get the joke. One girl, confused, asked Roger, "Did I miss something?" haha. That was epic.

I sat for quite a while chatting with Jean and Roger. They were very local to the area and sounds like they had come to that pub for years. We chatted about VFX and local TV shows and "Hoteliers" -- a word I know now only because of Michal. He asked me if I had worked on the animated movie "Paddington". "I loved Paddington!" Roger said with a gleam of boyish wonder in his eyes. Haha, these people were awesome. (And of course, he loved it since he's definitely from that neighbourhood, right around the corner from Paddington Station!) Awesome. A great night out and a nice long chat with some lovely locals.

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