Sunday, June 19, 2016

London 2015 Day 27: T&T Coffee

London 2015 Day 27: T&T Coffee

The Batkid Begins Social stuff is spurring up. The new poster was released a couple days ago, and the new WB-branded TRAILER is out!!! Crazy!!! I spoke with some of the WB folks and they asked me to exclusively launch a clip (fun!) as well as help out with promo when I get back to SF. Very crazy and amazing that this is all happening, and an awesome way to spread further the message of the film which I care so much about. Wicked.

I had a proper lunch today and not a quick to-go like I have on most days lately. Headed off to a fun little Pop-up Market with Mike, Robyn, and a few others. The dude at the artisan coffee booth was epic (T&T Coffee) and I yapped with him for ages. He had the Mazzer and LaMarzocco (mini) combo that is so popular at Blue Bottle et. al, all the pro shops in SF. He had a real up-and-coming vibe and was so passionate about coffee so it was awesome to nerd out for a bit. He told me about some crazy new automatic pour-over machine you can get for your home. Cool. My coffee went very well with a great lamb wrap.

The evening was about chillin' and watching the Batkid Begins epicness roll in. At 9pm local the Batkid trailer came out and got 100,000 views in 1 hr.... 200,000 views in 2 hrs.... 320,000 views in 3.5 hrs.... no end in sight!!! That was crazy and epic. I emailed the team and there was so much positive interest. So super insanely exciting. A nice dinner at home and watching the view counts go up and up for a story we all care so much about.

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