Saturday, June 11, 2016

London 2015 Day 18: Batkid interview prep

London 2015 Day 18: Batkid interview prep

Monday morning after our crazy day yesterday was a bit of a stretch, but all worked out. A little janked, but here we go!

The Tech group kindly took me out for lunch, hilariously, to a Mexican restaurant. On the way there, of of the guys said, "This doesn't make a lot of sense, being that you're from California", but it was great to hang out with everyone and get to know some of the tech people better. I laughed (and cringed) at the idea of the "Lunch Special" the restaurant had -- Lunch for £6, or Lunch plus Margarita or 2 (?!) Beers for £10?! Who needs 2 beers at lunch?! On a work day?! That was insane. Obv. no, so a water and a Taco Salad seemed a better choice :)

Nice rest of the day, but had a bit of a headache so I skipped the Gym and will go again on Wednesday night. I subway'd home, and had originally plans to head back to the Westfield Mall! Wait, no, time to relax and prepare for my Batkid interview at the Warner Bros. Studio tomorrow. Rather than schlepping, an apartment clean-up and making nice dinner at home seemed like a better call.

I made some British potatoes using Rosemary from the Borough Market, peppers and excellent asparagus. Planning answers to the Batkid Q&A but not overplanning to ensure that my interview felt natural. A few brief chats with my parents and with Spring and then off to bed.

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