Saturday, June 11, 2016

London 2015 Day 12: Coronation Chicken!

London 2015 Day 12: Coronation Chicken!

Today is my "first day" in the office! It was great to see some familiar faces and everyone was super welcoming as I got settled, got my phone organized, and prepped for the classes I am going to be giving. Super nice peeps. I'm sitting with the Creature folks which is a huge win and is going to make this be a really beneficial trip of sharing knowledge.

For lunch I met up with Sonia and Chris and Waikit!! That was awesome, and I got a "Coronation Chicken" sandwich and Ribena for lunch. Coronation Chicken is totally amazing, it's like some sort of curried chicken salad-y thing and it's really good.

A late-ish day getting set up and then walking back along Oxford St. One thing I noticed, must be a this-time-of-year thing, I keep getting little buds from the trees along the road constantly in my eyes!! This is one of those silly things about a country that you don't realize until you're there for an extended period of time -- it's like the Kookaburras outside my window in Australia -- something that would drive you totally nuts if it was part of your daily routine until you finally got used to it, but if you're just visiting temporarily it's somehow just a strangely endearing thing about the place. :) Anyway, man those little bud things are insanely itchy and keep flying directly into my eyes!! I've also bee coughing like a fiend, must be the end of this cold. Oh well :)

Stopped by a few shops on the way home, UniQlo, TopMan, nice wander. One thing that seems to be totally missing is the presence of full-size grocery stores. I suppose we are in the midst of a large city, so that must be why, but it's funny to only see "Metro" versions of all the supermarkets here, like slightly-larger versions of convenience stores.

Fortunately though, there is lots of candy. :) I wandered by that British Candy shop right by the office and grabbed some gummi strawberries, eggs, the necessities. :)

Down nearer to my apartment I found a local "Greasy Spoon" for fish and chips -- I got some chips as a snack and it was great. Nice and soggy -- old school, just like I remember from Oxford. Awesome times :) Fun and silly to have candy and chips for dinner, but will have more normal dinners later in the trip -- for now, got to experience all the silly things! A quick chat with Spring and then time for sleep.

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