Sunday, June 12, 2016

London 2015 Day 22: A quiet Friday

London 2015 Day 22: A quiet Friday

Not a lot to blog about today. A fun day at the office again, great classes again and great questions as usual. Had an EPIC culture/social committee chat with folks there and kicking off some fun new initiatives next week. I love that stuff. :)

Robyn made Star Wars-themed shortbreads for tea time, and she said they were "Scottish style" -- very good and a little softer than the ones you might buy on a shelf. Mmm.

Instead of beer again tonight with the lads and ladies, I headed to the YMCA for another swim and then steam room and sauna which was stellar. That rocked. I did a partial walk home (1/2 way) this time via Piccadilly and Whole Foods again. Back home to chat with Spring, a nice chat and an awesome chill Friday night. Getting ready for my mad dash everywhere on Saturday morning again by having an early night.

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