Sunday, June 19, 2016

London 2015 Day 25: London late night wandering

London 2015 Day 25: London late night wandering

Today was exciting news, the new Batkid Begins poster was released this morning!!! Insane!! I started making plans with the WB folks for Batkid promos when I was scheduled to return to SF in June.

This evening was a nice walk home via Whittard Chelsea, a fancy tea shop. I bought a container of the Royal Celebration Tea, so tasty, and fun that it was celebrating the new royal baby).

Time to try on a bunch of stuff at Zara again and send a million silly photos like this to Michal for a thumbs up or a thumbs down :) Still wasn't super sure what to get, so got a blue polka dot shirt and a Zara Men Summer cologne.

Further down the road was a store called Tiger, what a cool store! It's kindof like Daiso, but for home stuff. Really cool place.

I continued my wander down the road and found a very popular spot called Simit Sarayi, where I got something like a cheese borek. Very nice. For dinner though it was back to my new favourite place, Ya-Hala!! "Everything here is good" I told the friendly guy at the counter, "Thank you my friend!"

"I got the Hummus Beiruty last night", I told him. "What you do think? Smooth, right?! Like Ice Cream!" They were very proud of their product there and rightly so! So tasty.

The guy at the counter was hilarious too. They had some free Baklava to taste and I asked "Can I have one?" "Yes, one pound" he responded, haha. He was clearly joking so I said back, "It must be made of gold!" He gave me a piece, and it was delicious ("Oh, it sure is!")

This time I got a mixed wrap, half lamb, half chicken. Incredible flavour! And their Baba Ganoj I figured I would try... a little salty for me, but still good. The Hummus though is life-changingly awesome. I absolutely recommend this place if you're ever in London. Awesome staff, so friendly, and excellent quality food. A total win.

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