Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Bermuda 2016 Day 2: A taste of the Island!

Bermuda 2016 Day 2: A taste of the Island!

Day 2 in Bermuda was, you guessed it, very relaxed! First, a few photos of our incredible accommodations, the Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda. Again, bright colours and brilliant hues.

After the light rain the night before, the day was warm and bright and Bermuda got to really show off all of its glory. The day was pretty chill, and I spent some time at the pool actually catching up on some reading of the books I bought in Oxford, England about a year before on our trip there! So that was super fun. Also, you gotta try a frozen mudslide... mmm.

The evening was the big welcome dinner with all of the guests, and we got to try lots of local foods. There were some artists and craftspeople there to demonstrate and discuss their work. For example, a local cigar maker taught people about the history of his family business and demonstrated his work.

Quite possibly the coolest (ha!) centerpiece ever invented, this really crazy fish-in-ice sculpture was one of the main attractions in the room with many fish and seafood options on the table under it. There was a mini-shark in one of the ice blocks?!?!!!  You don't want to wait until that thing melts, trust me.

We got some great food and sat down to enjoy it and chat with folks. The avocado was goooood.

Dessert was really fun -- a banana flambé, made with the ubiquitous Gosling's Black Seal Rum. 

There were some other stations and fun things to explore between bites and chats, but the most unbelievable of all was that there was a Maui Jim station -- you got to try on as many pairs as you'd like, and then you could PICK ONE TO TAKE HOME. OMG. This was so totally amazing and it felt like you were a kid on a shopping spree. It was so so so fun and what an awesome gift. Even more unbelievable was we got back to our room to find personalized cases with our names already printed on them! I couldn't believe it.

A great kickoff to the trip, and now we had amazing new sunglasses to wear! To the beach!

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