Friday, December 16, 2016

Website update and Patents Granted!

Hi folks!

Been a while since I've update my website so I ran through there and updated some stuff. Newly updated CV (been a while since that's been updated, too) as well as updated movie credit listings and some new interviews I've done recently with Nightline and The Star Wars After Show.

Check it out!

Particularly exciting is the two patents I am co-inventor for have now been granted by the US Patent Office! This is very exciting and a great professional moment to remember!

Here's the info if you're interested in checking out the work we did for the rigging system at Lucasfilm.

Flexible 3-D Character Rigging Blocks with Interface Obligations
Inventors: Michael Justin Lee Jutan, Rachel M. Rose, John Doublestein
U.S. Patent # 9,508,178, Granted 11/29/2016

Flexible 3-D Character Rigging Development Architecture
Inventors: Michael Justin Lee Jutan, Rachel M. Rose, Darby Johnston
U.S. Patent # 9,508,179, Granted 11/29/2016

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