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Vancouver 2016: Epic list of things to do

Vancouver 2016: Epic list of things to do

My first "real" visit to Vancouver!! I was PSYCHED to finally get a chance to go for a long period of time. I had last visited Vancouver (my first-ever visit) a few years ago with some work folks at the time for a summit but was in Burnaby and only got to see the city once or twice. It was wicked to have a much longer stay there this time and really have the chance to get deeply into all the things.

First off, I researched the CRAP outta this place.

It's a big, modern city, and thus has a pretty epic Yelp presence. I also have a bunch of old friends or schoolmates etc. living there. Also, friends at our Vancouver office reached out to their friends on Facebook so I got the friends-of-friends recommendations, too. Armed with about 1000 options (or what felt like it), I boiled down my "final vancouver TODOs" into the following list -- of which it seems I actually mostly accomplished. Crazy.

Anyway here's the big list for your interest, before I get going on the Blog in the next post.

Recommended stuff to do/Shopping

-Catfe -- open late weekdays (till 8). They recommended I come Tues or Wed 11am. -John Fluevog store
-Big Mall Downtown on Granville - Nordstrom (has TWG Tea), RW&Co, Holt Renfrew, The Bay
-New Balance shop
-English Bay beach (north west downtown) for nice views
-Stanley Park bike/hike--> Specifically "The Seawall" route from Coal Harbour to Kits
-Marine Building (near my first hotel, art deco lobby, looks awesome)

-Granville Island Public Market 9am-7pm DAILY (kid's toy stores, Duso's hummus)
-Edible Canada in the market (duck fat fries) 

-Kits 4th Ave and Granville St -- closes early-ish, Arc'Teryx store

-MEC store (south of CRAFT beer area)

Further Afield
-Grouse Mountain hike (if open) and Gondola. Lumberjack show (may be closed)?
-Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge
-Capilano Suspension Bridge (near Grouse Mountain, can drop off Car2Go at Grouse Mountain)
-Bring home Swiss Chalet lays chips
-Museum of Anthropology (far west from Kits, Native Canadian art exhibit)
-Nitobe Garden near UBC

-Timmies, obv.
-Revolver Coffee
-Purebread (4*, INSANE looking epic pastries, yuppp)
-Shebeen Whiskey House, 5/6pm-Midnight
-L'Abbattoir (French, Canadian, also good cocktails)
-Tuc's Craft Kitchen (Comfort food/Canadiana. Hanna: "scotch eggs")
-Meat & Bread (Good lunch option)
-Pourhouse (Open late for dinner)
-Cartem's Doughnuterie (3 locations, nearish to downtown and also in Kits)
-Tacofina Gastown (Open late -- good lunch option)

Coal's Harbour 
-Miku (Hanna "wouldn't miss", epic looking sushi, 4.5 stars on Yelp, near Pinnacle Hotel and ILM ish. Ebi Fritter, All three kinds of oshi sushi, american wagyu nigiri. chicken nanbaan)
-Guu with Garlic (north downtown, open lunch and dinner late)
-Motomachi Shokudo (Ramen place near Coal's Harbour, chicken based ramen)
-Cactus Club (Coal Harbour, "salmon is good", looks like a fun Canadian spot)
-Greenhorn Espresso Cafe (looks homey, nice soup)  

East Downtown (potentially iffy area)
-Alibi Room (on the water. 4.5* pub, homey, nice looking beer)
-The Union (Brunchy stuff and Asian Fusion)
-Pnomh Penh (Cambodian, Vietnamese. near The Union. "get the butter beef and chicken wings. Trieu Chau fried rice pairs perfectly." "Luc Lac, the wings and the butter beef")
-Ask For Luigi (Good rated pasta. "new Italian hot spot. Really good there too. ")

-CRAFT Beer Market open late (12 or 1)
-Beta5 Chocolates (cream puffs etc, near CRAFT)
-Vij's (MUST go Indian place, Michal has already been there. South of CRAFT, east of Kits, "some of the best Indian food you'll have in life".)

-Nando's Chicken (near OPUS)
-Minami (sushi place I went to last time)-- Salmon Aburi
-Medina epic breakfast liege waffles (Milk Chocolate Lavender?!) - Open early 8/9am, closes early 3pm
-Ancora (near OPUS, fancy $$$$ seafood, has fish. 4.5 stars on Yelp)
-Blue Water Cafe (even closer to OPUS, $$$$, Seafood + Raw bar, 4.5 stars. Hanna "Bluewater Cafe in Yaletown is epic")
-Tony's Fish and Chips in the Granville Market
-La Belle Patate (north of OPUS, Poutine, looks awesome. Hanna "For Canadiana, get some world class poutine at La Belle Patate")
-The Eatery (craaazy Sushi place, way out in West Kits-- closes late. Hanna "The Eatery is pretty funky but also not in a good way sometimes")
-Cartem's Doughnuterie (3 locations, nearish to work and also in Kits)
-49th Parallel and Lucky's Doughnuts (4th Ave in Kits)
-Zest Japanese Cuisine (south of Kits, 4.5 on Yelp, "hear really great things about Zest")
-Au Comptoir (Kits, brunch place, French)
Further Afield
-Powell St Craft Brewery (east of downtown, won Gold)
-Swiss Chalet in North Vancouver (can drop off Car2Go) 11:30am-10pm 
-Serenghetti Trading Post, South African shop with Biltong etc. Can do "Stopover" with Car2Go and then go to Swiss Chalet or bridge!
-Fets Whisky Kitchen http://www.whiskykitchen.ca

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