Friday, December 09, 2016

Crazy amount of trip blog catchup coming soon...

Hello dear Blog reader friends,

I know it's been ages since I've posted. With the progression of Facebook and Twitter, it seems I use my Blogger account less and less these days -- seemingly replaced by quick at-the-moment photo posts with short or occasional captions, and that's it.

Well, I am planning a crazy catchup of 6 (yes, six?!) big Trip Blogs here on my Blogger site. I am going to do a bit more of a free-form post than in the past for some of them - rather than day-to-day posting, I may do longer posts that cover a longer amount of the trip. Partially because it's been a while since these trips and also because I didn't take detailed notes during the trips... but I would still like to wrap up these trip blogs and memories as I do enjoy writing these (and many of you kind friends have pointed out that you enjoy reading them or find them useful for when you travel -- which is a great compliment and definitely one of the reasons I go to the trouble of writing these trip blogs).

So it does feel as if my Blog has truly transitioned into (exclusively?) a Travel Blog at this point, and I think that's OK. I would like to ensure I keep it that way, at least for some of the other fun trips I have coming up.

Anyhow, thanks as always for reading, and sorry the posts have been pretty light this year. Get ready for a deluge of posts over the next few weeks!

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