Thursday, December 22, 2016

Bermuda 2016 Day 6: Beach & Beach Party

Bermuda 2016 Day 6: Beach & Beach Party

Another glorious day awaited us and we made good use out of our swimsuits -- to do anything else on a day like this would be a crime!

We had headed down to the same beach at the day before, the main beach near Fairmont Southampton, near Horseshoe Bay. It was a glorious day and the water was super clear. I made good use out of my new GoPro gift that Michal got me last year for Chanukah, and it was so much fun to try to capture some video of all the fun fish I saw. I snorkeled for a while, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here's a video of all the fun on this very clear snorkeling day:

After some nice snorkeling time, we headed to the official Horseshoe Bay (around the corner from the beach we were at all day). It is the "classic" famous Bermudian beach, and so we had to sit there for a bit and take some idyllic pictures of the beautiful sand and shores. Wow.

Time to put on those long-sleeved shirts!
After a lovely day we headed back to the room via the shop to pick up some Bermuda shorts in this awesome "Salmon" colour! So crazy and so awesome. We got ready for dinner and headed back to the same beach, where they were setting up a really amazing beach dinner and bonfire for us.

Showing off my new bright clothes :)
With a Bermuda "Moon Gate"
Next up was something I was really keen to see the entire trip -- the traditional Gombey dancers. This was really fun to watch and there were some kids performing as well with the adults. It was great.

We sat down for a great dinner and chat, and again enjoyed all the majesty of the Bermuda evenings as the sun set and the bonfire was lit for roasting marshmallows.

Dessert table!!!

Roasting marshmallows on a bonfire, with the Ocean Club (where we ate dinner the night before) in the background.

There was a big wedding happening at the same time as our beach bonfire event, and so we got to enjoy the fireworks they were setting off for the wedding! Good times :)

It was a super fun evening and a great way to... ring in MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As the party wrapped up, we headed up to the hotel and were just about to go off to bed but it was almmmooost midnight. Suddenly, at the hotel bar, they started to SING ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY?!?!?!!! I had no idea that Michal had sneakily set that up! That was so special and so fun, and with a great whisky cheers and a big smile, we were off to our room. One more special birthday thing -- Michal ordered me a vanilla bean cheesecake to the room. This is truly the life. So fun to start a new year feeling so celebrated and enjoying so many fun things and such beautiful weather.

Now that's how you start a birthday... at 2am the night before your birthday!

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